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Winter 2023 textbooks, course books, e-book and access codes are available for purchase.

Access Codes / eBooks (Online)

Access codes are unique passwords used to access online course materials such as eBooks. Each access code is unique to each individual and differs from course to course. The tool below allows you to find and purchase the appropriate access codes for your courses.

When purchasing access codes and eBooks, please note that these items are added to your eBook Shopping cart, which may only be accessed from this page. This is separate from our website’s general shopping cart for items like physical textbooks, giftware and apparel, which may be accessed via the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of our site.

Instructions for purchasing access codes and eBooks

Step 1: View your required access codes and eBooks

  • Using the access code and eBook selection tool, select all of your courses from the list 
  • Click the Search button to view any access codes and eBooks required for your courses 

Step 2: Add items to your eBook Shopping Cart

  • From the list populated for you, select all access codes and eBooks associated with your courses and click the Add to Cart button to add these items to your eBook Shopping Cart. Please note that your eBook Shopping Cart is different from the shopping cart for physical textbooks and other gift apparel items that you can access from the top right hand corner of this page
  • Once an access code or eBook has been successfully added to your eBook Shopping Cart, the Add to Cart button will change to Item Added to Cart! and will no longer be selectable

Step 3: Review the contents of your eBook Shopping Cart

  • Once you have selected all access codes and eBooks for your courses, select the eBook Shopping Cart button to view all items that have been added to your shopping cart

Step 4: View our return policy and complete your order

  • From your eBook Shopping Cart, select Checkout to begin payment for your access codes and eBooks
  • You will be prompted to review information related to our policy for returns, refunds and exchanges for digital materials like access codes and eBooks. Once you have reviewed this information, please select I Agree, Continue Checkout
  • You will then be redirected to a page to provide your contact and billing information before completing payment