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Spring 2024 textbooks, course books, e-book and access codes are available for purchase.

Textbook Ordering

The textbook order form has been improved to allow faculty and staff to order textbooks for classes by interacting with the document by typing in the textbook and course information. Simply click on the desired fields that you want to fill in and then type in the information. This form can now be sent to the textbook buyers through email ( However, unfortunately, this can only be done with the Abode Acrobat software. Adobe Reader does not allow you to save these documents to your computer. Though, to make it more convenient, you can now fill-out the form and print it rather than handwriting.

Online Textbook Order Form

Instructions for saving, filling-out, and emailing the Textbook Order Form

NOTE: If you are using Adobe Reader, you cannot save edited documents so you can only fill-in and then print the form. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can edit the form, save it, and then email the document.

  1. Right-click the "Online Textbook Order Form" link (above) then choose "Save target as..." (in Internet Explorer) or "Save link as..." (in FireFox).
  2. Save the order form to your hard drive (default filename: "TextbookOrderForm2.pdf").
  3. Open the document by double-clicking the file.
  4. Edit the form by clicking the text fields and fill in the desired areas.
  5. Once you have completed the form, save the edited document. If you require more spaces for textbooks than there exist on a single form, simply repeat from Step (1) by saving the next form with a different name.
  6. When you are ready to email your documents, open your email inbox then compose a new message.
  7. You will be sending your email to the textbook buyers. They can reached at
  8. Attach the documents to the out-going message.
  9. Type in a message. Click "Send".