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Fall 2023 textbooks, course books, e-book and access codes are available for purchase.

Custom Publishing

The custom manual order form has been improved to allow faculty and staff to order textbooks for classes by interacting with the document by typing-in the textbook and course information. Simply click on the desired fields that you want to fill-in and then type in the information. This form can now be sent to the custom publisher through e-mail ( However, unfortunately, this can only be done with the Adobe Acrobat software at the moment. Adobe Reader does not allow you to save these documents to your computer. Though, to make it more convenient, you can now fill-out the form and print it rather than handwriting.

Custom Manual Order Form

The Custom Manual Order Form can be filled out and faxed to us at (416) 979-5175.

What is Custom Publishing?

Custom publishing is the production of course materials, like anthologies and lab manuals, designed by you for your course. We take your photocopies, clean them up, copy them and bind them, and sell the finished manual to your students.

Your students will appreciate using all the material in your reader and knowing they haven't paid for materials they will never read. You have the most current information to give your students and complete editorial freedom.

Why have the Campus Store produce your manual?

  • Fast turn around time

  • Convenient, one-stop shopping for manuals, textbooks, and supplies

  • Fully-trained and professional staff

  • Many production options

  • Competitive pricing

  • Copyright compliance from start


Ensuring that Copyright rules are respected is a very important part of the custom publishing service. But in order to comply with copyright laws we need help from you - we need bibliographic information.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions to what copyrighted materials we can 'clear' quickly. Most of the articles or book excerpts that we are asked to reproduce for faculty are covered under our Access Copyright agreement, but certain publications and lengthy excerpts may cause trouble. In a nutshell, the rules are as follows: only 5% of a textbook may be copied for a course manual; up to 15% of any non-textbook is acceptable; no more than 50% of a course manual may consist of material taken from textbooks. To find out how you can tell if a book is considered a 'textbook', please get in touch with us.

If you want to use material that seems to fall outside of the Access Copyright rules, all is not lost. We will contact and work with copyright holders to obtain permission directly from them - although this can often be both slow and expensive. Sometimes, there simply is no other option.

Custom course manuals can include almost anything you want for your course. Some examples include:

  • Anthologies of different books or periodicals

  • Working manuscripts

  • Workbooks

  • Out-of-print books

  • Lab manuals

  • Syllabi

  • CD-ROMs

  • Lecture Notes

  • Tests and study aids

To create your own custom course manual for your students, all you need to do is supply the bookstore with a clean master copy and complete bibliographic information. If you require permission clearance for any of the works included in your manual, we will do our best to obtain permission on your behalf.